25 Jul 2011

Shweshwe bag for you

Some more excitement for me: I’m taking part in the Meltdown Monday Giveaway on This cosy life!

See the pictures of the bag on her blog and leave a comment there to enter the giveaway.  Here’s a sneak peek:

You might also like to take a look at Julie’s other blog posts and the wonderful photographs she takes of her life and family.  You will also find a link to her wonderful Etsy shop on her blog.  Take a look at the knit gnomes and fairies, they are the sweetest things ever!


20 Jul 2011

Excitement on my part

And the news is that I have a stand at the Klip Klap Art and Antiques Market in September!

I'm really excited and looking forward to it so much!  I'm planning everything out and have started working like a crazy person to get as much stuff made before then as I can.
There's beach bags, bunting and lots of pins planned.  Not to mention the evening clutches, gift bags and embellished notebooks.

Now, any tips on how I can make the most of the experience on the day?  Tips on display - it is an open-air market and I will be taking my gazebo?

Before I spend more time on the internet, let me get behind that sewing machine!


18 Jul 2011

Looking forward

I have been in contact with the owner of the market I spoke of.

I vaguely described my bags and books to him and he said it sounds like the type of item he still needs at the market.  So I wrote him an e-mail this evening.  Re-wrote it like seven times.  And then I included a couple of photos and also told him I want to add this and that to the collection.  I'm all nervous, anxious and excited.  I really, really hope that he will say "yes" and give me a stall in September!

On a personal note let me tell you this.  For the largest part of my life I was convinced that I had no talent whatsoever.  After all, my mother told me I didn't, so it must be true, right?  I always thought I just "make stuff".  It was very recently that it dawned on me that "making stuff" is actually a talent. The urge to "just make something" has always been very strong in me.  I'm 42 years old.  Please don't let 42 years of your child's life go by with them thinking they have no talent.  Even if that talent is just to "make stuff".
The other day I overheard my boss's boss say to another person that "a person without a degree is stupid".  I don't have a degree.  I have an IQ of 139.  Whatever.
Well, that's pretty personal so I'll just go now.


6 Jul 2011

New Ideas

I've gotten some inspiration from this nice lady.

I've decided that I will start making summery Christmassy stuff.  It's summer over Christmas in South Africa, see?  Because I've come to the realisation that with my time-shortage I will not be able to make a lot of wintery stuff in time for the next KlipKlap market.  Or even the one after that.  But I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to get a bunch of stuff together for the market in September - which would be spring.  Although, rest assured, I will not be making any reindeer or similar stuff to KerryAnne's.
I think it's pretty good do-able idea!  Thanks KerryAnne!

My other inspiration will be coming from Country Living UK.  I do love it so, although we get it about a month later than the UK people do.  But that doesn't bother me in the least.  I've never seen a Country Living USA, but I have a book they published: "Crafting a Business", which I will be talking about on another day.

In other news, I forgot to mention before that I've bought a speedstick (dongle) so that I now actually have Internet at home.  At last!  As nothing in my life is ever easy, let me just mention that I live right on the edge of their coverage area.  Which makes my Internet veeeerrrryyyy sssslllloooowww.  And since National Intelligence (a contradiction in terms, I know!) is just behind my house, the news is that we will never have full coverage here.  Last night I bought some fabric from Skinny laMinx, and I had to try the payment three times before it actually went through.  By the way - take a look at Skinny LaMinx's stuff.  Very original and good-looking!  Proud to say she's a South African!

Well, I have to go put supper on!